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Finding The Right Torch – Ultimate Torch Guides

The 7 Best Kitchen Torches of 2023, According to a Chef

Torch Heads vs. Refillable Canisters

Torches often come in one of two forms: a canister that has to be refilled or a torch head. Beginners will find the smaller and lighter models ideal for their needs. There is a tiny quantity of butane in the handle that may be replaced from a separate butane canister in a torch with a refillable canister. Refillable canister types that indicate the remaining butane in the canister are always a welcome convenience. While it might be a nuisance to regularly replenish a torch, these refillable canisters are an excellent option for occasional torching.

Rather of having to re-fill a smaller canister, a torch head may be put directly into a canister, making refilling more easier. Inexperienced chefs may find this method more difficult to utilize since they must hold the full canister while they work. Because both torch heads and refillable canisters come with their own connected canisters, torch heads are often bigger and bulkier than refillable canisters. Torch heads are often used in commercial kitchens because they are more efficient, last longer, and are more powerful than refilling canisters.


The price of a new cooking torch ranges from $10 to more than $100. Think about how often you’ll be using the torch and what kinds of tasks you’ll be working on with it. To make crème brûlée for the first time, it’s definitely best to go with a less expensive option. If you’re looking for a tool that can sear steaks, roast peppers, toast meringues, and even create a bonfire, you may want to invest in something more sturdy and trustworthy.

Combustion Engine

Make sure you bear in mind that these torches need some kind of fuel. The gasoline may be provided in certain cases, although this is not always the case. When purchasing gasoline for your equipment, read the instructions carefully to ensure you get the correct kind. If you’re going to use a torch that requires specialized fuel, make sure you have enough on hand beforehand.

Using a Kitchen Torch Safely

Before igniting your kitchen torch, make sure you know how to use it safely! Prior to using your torch, make sure you’ve read the included instructions to ensure you’re familiar with all of its functions and ins and outs.

The Best Kitchen Torch To Buy In 2021: 10 Top Picks -

Use a kitchen torch in a designated area that is safe for you to do so. Remove any towels, dirt, and food from the vicinity of the flame by setting up a clean space.

Use your kitchen torch just to cook the dish you’re now working on. Always keep in mind that you’re dealing with a live flame, and avoid aiming it toward anything other than food or your own face or hands if you can avoid it.

Now that you know what a kitchen torch is used for and how to use one properly, here are the top kitchen torches on the market today.

With The Use of A Kitchen Torch, Cooking May Be Improved

A kitchen torch is a must-have for any home chef, yet many don’t have one. Cooking using a torch adds a new dimension to a plethora of culinary endeavors. A kitchen torch, of course, is best known for making the caramelized topping on a crème brulee, but there are many more uses for this culinary tool.

Flame grilled vegetables? That’s a new one. Definitely! Why not give your steak a quick sear? The outside crust will have a steakhouse flavor to it. Kitchen torches may be used for a variety of indoor cooking tasks, such as swiftly melting cheese, toasting marshmallows, or adding a crunchy coating to creamy dishes like macaroni and cheese. There are a plethora of possibilities.

A Special Note When Purchasing

Remember that when you buy a torch, you may not get the butane canister that is required to make it operate. The canister itself must be purchased separately.

Using the improper gas canister refill is one of the most prevalent blunders. Make sure you use the right canister for refilling your tool by checking the instruction booklet that came with it.

Varying top insert attachments are provided by certain butane canisters so that they may be used on features of various sizes. It is highly recommended that you invest in this kind of gas canister since it allows you to swap out the attachment in the event that a certain size does not work well.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

How can you refuel a butane torch in a gas-powered kitchen?

Before refueling your torch, be sure that the gas flow has been shut off. The bottom of the torch houses the refill port and nozzle. Insert the nozzle into the canister while pushing and holding the butane nozzle.

Because of this pressure, the butane will be allowed to flow into the nozzle. When the canister is full, press the release button. Ideally, you should refuel your torch in a well-lit area.

What can you use a kitchen torch for?

The sugar that is sprinkled on top of a crème brûlée is traditionally caramelized with the use of a kitchen torch. To brown marshmallows, roast peppers, melt cheese or caramelize a casserole, you may also use one to brown meringue or caramelize marshmallows.

Does it harm food if you burn it with a butane kitchen torch?

It is safe to use a butane torch in direct contact with food. If you don’t want to burn anything, keep the flame at least three inches away from the meal. However, if the butane’s hydrocarbons get up on the food, it is safe for consumption.