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Best Hammock Straps

The hammock is suspended from a fixed point, such as a tree, by means of two straps. Many hammock campers focus on the hammock itself and forget about the straps.

Picking the proper strap means your hammock will be safe and pleasant to relax in. If you have it, you may increase the odds of having a peaceful night of sleep. The selection of high-quality hammock straps requires consideration of a number of elements. Here are a few examples:

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The construction and materials of hammock suspension systems. Moreover, hammock types and overall weight determine the optimal length and thickness of the straps. The durability and high standard of the straps themselves are determined by the materials they are made of.

Here Are Our List of The Best Hammock Straps

1. Grey Sea to Summit Hammock

 1. Grey Sea to Summit Hammock

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In the world of suspension straps, Sea to Summit has developed a novel and spare approach. A series of quick-connect buckles make installation and adjustment simple.

These straps have been designed in part to reduce the overall hammock pack size. Each set of straps has its own storage bag for compact transport. It may take some effort, but it’s well worth it if you can get them inside.

It’s possible that the 0.6″-thick webbing won’t adhere to all parks’ rules. The buckles are of superior quality, being manufactured of aerospace aluminium alloy to make them lightweight while yet providing a greater range of sizes.


  • Scale: 9 ft. 10 in. x 0.6 ft.
  • Containing does not exceed 300 pounds (136 kilograms) in weight.
  • Weight of Strap: 6.0oz / 170g.

What We Like

  • Compact and lightweight thanks to a spare design.
  • Aluminium buckles are light and strong.
  • Compact your pack with this compression sack.

The Things That Bother Us

  • The thin webbing might harm the tree bark.

2. Grand Trunk Hammock Tree Trunk Straps

 2. Grand Trunk Hammock Tree Trunk Straps

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When it comes to hammocks, Grand Trunk is a major player as well. Naturally, they’ve developed high-quality straps that work with a wide variety of hammocks, but are still recognizably their own design.

High toughness poly filament webbing is used to make the straps, which is safe for trees. Triple seams of 70 denier nylon reinforce the stitching. There are 18 places to modify the length of these lightweight straps.

When creating their Grand Trunk Straps, they didn’t only focus on the nuts and bolts of the product. At the moment, you may have them in one of five colors to choose from so that they will go in with the design of your hammock. There is a lifetime guarantee on them.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 10′ x 1′.
  • Maximum Weight: 181 pounds (400 grams)
  • The Strap Weighs in at 12.0 oz / 340g.

What We Like

  • High-quality webbing produced from tree-friendly materials.
  • 70 nylon structure ensures long-lasting seams
  • Numerous slots are spaced evenly apart throughout the strap’s length to allow for fine-tuning.

The Things That Bother Us

  • There is a lack of natural tones in paint choices.

3. Eno Ultralight Hammock Straps

 3. Eno Ultralight Hammock Straps

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Without a really light choice, the list would be lacking something. This Helios XL strap is part of an ENO-designed lightweight suspension system. They advertise it as the last tweak before weight loss.

SilverliteTM substance and 1000D polyfilament webbing combine to create a durable cable. They claim it is a set-up where knowing nothing is sufficient.

MicrotuneTM tunable system included in ENO’s Helios XL Ultralight straps allow for pinpoint tunings to be achieved with a simply buried splice.

Key Features

  • The dimensions are 13 ft. 4 in. by 1 in.
  • You must not exceed 300 pounds (136 kilograms) in weight.
  • Weight of Strap: 6.3 oz / 179 g.

What We Like

  • Backpackers use it because of its lightweight material.
  • High-strength, fire-retardant webbing constructed from 1000D polyfilament
  • With ENO’s patented MicrotuneTM mechanism, even minute changes are a breeze.

The Things That Bother Us

  • Whether or whether customers find the length useful depends on the specific product.

4. Pys Hammock Straps with Adjustable Loops

 4. Pys Hammock Straps with Adjustable Loops

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One pound and two hundred twenty-two grams (1,2 kg) for the strap.

When you purchase hammock straps from Pys, you also get high-strength carabiners. Together, their 20 feet of length provide a significant extension to your existing suspension. The strengthened design makes it more substantial than average. Its 1000-pound capacity is higher than that of competing goods.

Fast installation is ensured by looping these straps around the trees and connecting the ends of the hammock onto them. They fold up to a little 4.5″ by 7.4″ by 2″ dimension.

As a result, some individuals complain that they are unable to get straps in their desired color. The camouflage patterns on them make them seem authentic and one-of-a-kind. The straps of the Pys XL Hammock are constructed from long-lasting polyester.

Key Features

  • Distance between centers: 10 feet; thickness: 1 inch
  • Maximum Weight: 1000 lbs. (454 kg).

What We Like

  • The set comes with high-strength carabiners.
  • Incorporate an extra 20 feet of length into the suspension.
  • The portable size and lightweight construction are also welcome features.

The Things That Bother Us

  • Adds significant heft to the structure as a whole.

5. Nature’s Hangout Hammock Straps with 32 Heavy-Duty Loops

 5. Nature's Hangout Hammock Straps with 32 Heavy-Duty Loops

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The HangTight Hammock Straps are sold as a set that also includes carabiners and a carrying case. The total weight of the package is still under one pound. The method allows for a wide range of fine-tuning without the need of knots.

100% polyester means no additional give in the straps. The daisy chain loop mechanism has been enhanced to make adjustments simple. Each strap is 10 feet in length, for a grand total of 20 feet in length for the set.

Their tremendous load-bearing capability is evidence of their superior strength. This is mainly because of the HangTight Hammock Strap’s double-power reinforcement stitching. Finally, they give a full refund if you aren’t happy with their merchandise.

Key Features

  • Distance between centers: 10 feet; thickness: 1 inch
  • Maximum Weight: 181 pounds (400 grams)
  • Band: 14.7 oz.

What We Like

  • The high weight capacity is ensured by the double stitching.
  • The suspension system extends far
  • Accessories like a carrying case and carabiners are included.

The Things That Bother Us

  • Uneven increases as compared to market norms.

6. Eno AltasEXT Hammock Straps with Suspension System

 6. Eno AltasEXT Hammock Straps with Suspension System

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ENO’s Atlas EXT Straps prioritize user convenience and environmental sustainability. There is less of an impact on the tree when using these straps because they are made with wider webbing. The webbing is 2 inches wide, so it’s compliant with most park rules.

When used in conjunction with your existing suspension straps, they provide an additional 10 feet of reach. Straps are constructed from 1000D poly filament webbing with luminous stitching weaved in for enhanced nighttime visibility.

For optimal compatibility, ENO optimizes the performance of each product with every other product in the line. All other components of their suspension systems are compatible with these Atlas EXT straps.

Key Features

  • The size is 5′ x 2′
  • Maximum Weight: 181 pounds (400 grams).
  • 7.0 oz (198 g) Strap Weight.

What We Like

  • Constructed with a broad web to avoid harming trees
  • An extra 10 feet of suspension
  • You’ll be easier to spot in the dark thanks to the reflective thread.

The Things That Bother Us

  • These straps are very overpriced for what they are.

How to Choose Hammock Straps

Straps for a hammock are more than just rope that has been strengthened and looped around a tree. Knowing how to invest in your suspension system is important if you want to purchase a hammock kit.

If you’re on the market for new hammock straps, keep these five things in mind.

How to Use Hammock Straps: 5 Steps (w/ Videos!) - 99Boulders

Suspension Rig Based on a Hammock

The common straps for a hammock are either straps/webbings or ropes. Although they go by a variety of names, these products account for the vast bulk of sales.

Webbings and Other Straps

Straps constructed of a woven material, or webbing, that spread out around the tree enhance the surface area. It shields the bark and prevents undue stress from being placed on the tree’s outer layers.

The Tree Hugger Hammock Straps are only one example of a specific suspension system created to lessen the effects of trees.

Polyfilament webbing with a high denier grade is used to create standard webbing straps with a maximum length of 2″. A good example of this is the ENO Atlas EXT Straps.


Rope straps are constructed from naturally bonded fibers. They’re lighter than many synthetic fabrics like nylon. However, with every usage they lengthen, putting a great deal of strain on the tree’s bark.

Dimensions of the Straps

Simply said, the strap length is significant since it allows for a wider variety of hanging configurations. If your hammock’s suspension system barely protrudes from the hammock, you’ll need to acquire anchors that are the exact right length and sag for your hammock.

Straps may be made thicker to extend their longevity. If you’re concerned about protecting the trees around your property, you should avoid using straps with a diameter of less than one inch.

A maximum weight restriction is in effect.

It’s possible that some individuals won’t feel comfortable on a hammock unless there’s a strict weight restriction in place. Some people are looking for straps that can hold two hammocks at once.

They need to be able to support two individuals sitting in them without reaching their maximum weight capacity. The maximum load for the Pys XL Hammock Straps is greater than that of standard straps.

The Stuff Used For Straps

Hammock straps are generally fashioned from a small handful of materials. Polyester and nylon are two such materials.

As a result of nylon’s superior strength-to-weight ratio, polyester is seldom used in strap manufacture. Polyester, on the other hand, can be manufactured at a lower cost, and hence it is often used in less priced hammock straps.

Nylon can stretch farther than polyester and is stronger overall. Hammock straps shouldn’t stretch too much since that’s not a good thing. Having the straps remain in place is helpful if you have a preferred location for adjusting them.

Loops for Attachments

Hammock Tree Straps (Eco-Friendly) by Hammock Universe - HOW TO GUIDE - YouTube

Long straps aren’t always more practical if they don’t have several connection loops. Having a wide variety of spots to set up your hammock depends on its adaptability.

Most hammocks just have a few of loops on either end for securing it.

Strap Load

In the search for the ideal hammock, everyone is concerned with the load capacity. They do not, however, think about the accessories, such as straps, that wind up being included.

If you often use a backpack, finding lightweight straps is a must.

Color of Straps

Although the color of your straps is not the most important consideration when putting up your suspension system, it can be a lot of fun.

The requirement for sturdy straps may be met, and the need for aesthetic variation can be satisfied, all with the help of Grand Trunk Straps.